Sacred Valley of the Incas

Sacred Valley (Wilka Mayo)

We are visiting agricultural and astronomical centres  

  • Pisaq, Urubamba, Maras, Moray and Ollantaytambo

Travel by bus (2 days). Overnight in Urubamba.

Sacred Valley South

  • Tipon (centre of hydraulic engineering)
  • Pikillacta (flea city – Huari culture)
  • Rumi Ccolca (rock quarry)
  • Andahuaylillas (Church of the Sistine chapel – colonial temple and paintings)

Travel by bus (1 day)

Sacred Valley West

  • Quilla Rumiyoc (initiation centre of future shamans or priests)
  • Tarawasi (centre of fine architecture)
  • Saiwity (knowledge of the white snow puma and the great priest of the five-pointed star)

Travel by bus and camping (2 days and one night)

Sacred Valley North

  • Chinchero (centre of textiles and iconography)
  • Salineras de Maras (Inca salt mines)
  • Moray (centre of cultivation of wild plants for domestic use)

Travel by bus (1 day)


Ollantaytambo esta 85km.del cusco una altura de 2,792m.snm.