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Cusco Rosaspata

Cusco-Rosaspata-Ñusta Hispana-Huancacalle-Yanama-Santa Teresa-Machu Picchu trekking

10 days optional

Travel by bus, train and horses

Day 1: Cusco to Rosaspata (Victos) 7 hours by bus. Overnight in Rosaspata.

Day 2: Visit to archeological complex of Victos and Ñusta Hispana.

Day 3 to 10: We travel on horseback to the pass of Huancacalle and continue to Puma Sillo. From Puma Sillo, we travel to Yanama and then to Santa Teresa. We travel with porters, cook and tents. From Santa Teresa, we take a bus to the hydroelectric centre of Machu Picchu. From there, we walk to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu village). We will visit the hot springs in Machu Picchu. Overnight in Machu Picchu village. The next day very early, we take the bus to Macchu Picchu city. We visit here all day. In the afternoon, we take the bus back to Aguas Calientes.  The next day, we take the train back to Cusco (optional: 2 days in Machu Picchu, including a visit to Wayna Picchu Mountain, Temple of the Moon, Sungate (Inti Punku) and the Inca Bridge).