Cusco Quillabamba

Cusco-Quillabamba-Tinki-Pongo de Mainique (Jungle)

Travel by bus and boat

9 days opcional

Day 1: Cusco to Quillabamba 8 hours travel by bus. Overnight in Quillabamba hotel.

Day 2: Quillabamba to Tinki 8 hours travel by bus. Overnight in Tinki hotel. We visit the recreational centre of Sanbaray and Siete Tinajas.

Day 3: Tinki to Pongo de Mainique 10 hours travel by boat. Overnight in Pongo de Mainique.

Day 4: We stay in Pongo. We visit the virgin forest of Pongo (walking in the jungle).

Day 5: We visit by boat the waterfall of Pongo. Opportunity to fish.

Day 6: We return from Pongo de Mainique to Tinki. We visit the local petroglyphs. Overnight Tinki hotel.

Day 7: We return from Tinki to Quillabamba by bus.

Day 8: We return from Quillabamba to Cusco by bus.

Possible connections:

  • from Quillabamba to Machu Picchu three hours by bus

from Pongo de Mainique to Ucayali River 2 days by boat and Iquitos 5 days by boat