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Who am I?

I have been a medicine man (shaman) and healer, specializing in spiritual journeys, for 20 years. I am descended from the royal dynasty (panaca) of Hanan Qosqo, an ancient Inca family of healers. This family descends from Paullo Inca, who is the son of Wayna Capac, the king of the Inca empire in the 15th century.

My priest initiation was at the mountain of Salkantay Cusco Peru. (ruyac ritti puma), white snow puma. This initiation was ordered by the great God (Illa Tecsy Pachacamac = great Creator) and I was bathed at the foot of this mountain. After this initiation, my spiritual path started and I encountered various masters who gave me the following knowledge: healing by hands, how to make offerings, preparing Inca medicine (Ayahuasca), prayers, sacred singing (icaro), singing and talking about the great Creator (Pachacamac) Pachamama (Mother Earth), Yacumama (Mother of the Water) and Sachamama (Mother of the Forest).

Medicine men are not able to access some sacred sites with visitors because the government requires tour guide certification. For this reason, I have studied tourism to attain this certification. This now allows me to access all sacred sites with visitors. I offer you a unique perspective of the sacred sites informed by my Inca ancestry and priest (shamanic) knowledge.