Topics covered during journeys

The following topics will be explored as we visit the sacred sites:

Medicine, religion and astronomy: we talk about the andean cosmology how the Incas used knowledge of the position of the stars, the constellations and the phases of the moon in their ceremonies and healings.

Numerology (Yupac) : ancient wisdom of numbers. For example, the number eight means infinity, or the doorway to God or High Spirit, and represents the eagle of the power animals.

Medicine (Hampec Runa) : knowledge of the plants and trees of the forest and coast of Tawantinsuyo (Inca empire).

Symbology: symbolic knowledge of the ancients

Astronomy (Chasca Cawachic) : location and names of constellations and the best times to view them. Ancient Inca knowledge of constellations and how they influence our world and our lives.
Architecture (Perccac) : origins of Inca and pre-Inca architecture. Today this architecture is called polygonal style, each rock containing five corners or more. The Indian people called it Atl, a word of the Atlantian language, meaning the process of water solidifying into stone.
Agriculture (Tarpuc) : the history of the domestication and cultivation of wild plants.
Metallurgy (Chulluchic: : knowledge of the mixing of metals to produce tools and Titi, Cori, Colque) jewellery.

Ceramic Art (Hallpa Maki)   : knowledge of the different types of soils and minerals to  produce utensils.

Textile Art and iconography (Awac Runa, Pallay Awac Runapi) : knowledge of the extraction of wool from camelids - such as llamas and alpacas – birds and trees for spinning and dyeing, using herbs from both the Andes, the jungle and the coast.

Iconography (Pallay Awacpi) : knowledge hidden in images.

I invite you to make a sacred journey in Peru
  where the Inca Tawantinsuyo culture of Piru flourished
Piru is the ancient name of the land of Peru
I offer you a unique perspective of the sacred sites informed by my ancient Inca ancestry and priest knowledge
Come and discover the mysteries of ancient pre-Inca and Inca civilizations
Enjoy spiritual, mental, emotional and physical transformation through ancient knowledge of
 pre-Inca and Inca times
Gather knowledge and healing that will help you in these intense times of transition
Receive an answer to the universal questions: Who are you? Where are you from? Where are you going? What is your mission in this world?
Explore the meaning of Inca symbology
Discover how the Incas cultivated wild foods and plants for domestic use and how they used medicinal plants for healing body and mind
Immerse yourself in pre-Inca and Inca religions and the knowledge of the spirits of the plants and fire, air, water and earth
Explore Inca astronomy and how the Inca determined the right time to hold ceremonies, festivities and initiations, and to plant crops and to plan babies
Learn the ancient ways of the Incas of healing by hands (pumac maquinwan hanpiriy)
Visit the archeological sites with us and gain understanding of the mysteries of the Inca culture
Experience the spiritual journey of your life!