Shamanic Services

We offer all shamanic services at all the sacred sites mentioned on this website.

Healing Journeys

Healing journeys can be offered to all the sacred sites mentioned on this website.

Healing Courses

We teach healing by hands during trips to the sacred sites of your choice.

This teaching is a direct transmission of healing with symbols given by Spirit or God through me.


Healing by hands (pumac maquinwan janpiriy)

This is healing by the paw of the Puma, a form of healing transmitted by my Inca ancestors.

Healing by crystals

Various types of crystals are used to put in specific places on the body to create healing. This will take place  in my therapy centre or in your hotel.

Power Animals

Discover your power animal, connect with it and discover its mysteries.

Medicinal Plants

Learn the use of medicinal plants and discover their properties.


- Ayahuasca

- Flower bath

- San Pedro (Waychuna)

- Cleansing of the aura

- Tabacco

- Coca leaf reading

- Offering to Spirit (despacho)

- Shamanic wedding

Rituals and ceremonies can be customized according to your wishes