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South Peru (Lima, Parcas, Ballestas island and Nazca lines)

Day 1: arrive at Airport Jorge Chavez in Lima. Transport to hotel  Sheraton. Dinner and breakfast at   hotel

Day 2: Lima Pachakamac. Paracas.  Arrive 3 pm at luxury hotel Paracas
Day 3: Hotel Paracas. Ballestas Islands: viewing of ocean wildlife such as seals, sea lions, dolphins and birds

Day 4: Hotel las Dunas in Ica. We visit the museum of textiles and iconography of pre-Inca culture Huari).
Oasis de Huacachina: we visit the only oasis in the desert of Peru. Those who wish can enjoy sand boarding 

Day 5: Ica, Cabrera Museum: we visit subterranean aquaducts and the unique private museum of ancient carved stones of Doctor Javier Cabrera Darquea

Day 6: Nasca, Hotel Ccantayoc. We fly over the enigmatic Nasca lines in helicopter. In the afternoon, we visit rock mineral artesans

Day 7: We fly over the Nasca lines in a small airplane. In the afternoon, we visit the handicrafts centre of ceramics Nasca style

Day 8: Return from Nasca to Lima airport, 8 hours by bus.

Travel by bus and boat, airplane and helicopter. Total time of trip 8 days.